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Ashley Morgan started her dream of becoming a fashion designer before she even realized it by playing with her brother at an early age with fabric, glue, staples, and paint. Before she was even allowed to use a needle, Ashley and her brother took pieces of their mother and grandmother's fabric forming seams by using paint to close the sides shut and reinforced them with staples and tape. Ashley and her brother drew pictures on the fabric to imitate fabric patterns and to create stylish images. Ashley wore her creations to school, her classmates and teachers loved her creations and told her that she would be a fashion designer when she grows up. While still attending elementary school Ashley learned how to sew from her mother and grandmother. She furthered her passion for sewing and designing by taking dual enrollment in high school for a fashion program in downtown Orlando, FL. Her instructors and school were so impressed with her skill level and designs that they gave Ashley a full scholarship to come back and complete the program. After graduating and becoming a certified seamstress and alterationist Ashley attended a fashion institute in the winter of 2006 and graduated early with top honors. Receiving Summa Cum Laude status along with her Bachelor's degree in fashion design and merchandising in the summer of 2008. Ashley has won many awards including first place in a scarf contest for Breast Cancer Awareness from National City Bank. Ashley is active in the cancer community both her grandmothers' were breast cancer survivors, including her father being a second time sarcoma survivor. When Ashley is not designing or helping others she loves helping animals in the animal shelter's clinic. Ashley thinks of herself as a trendsetter and knew that even while playing with fabric, staples, paint, and glue that she would be a successful designer when she grows up. Welcome to Ashley Morgan's designs! We hope you love them! <3 


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